Smokey Grey frame with Clear Frost arms

Non prescription sunglasses

We’ve been experimenting with colour and have created a limited edition of some beautiful smokey in between colours. They are the love children of our Raspberry Cordial & Ice Blue. 🙂

The frame you order will be a what we’ve called Smokey Grey. It won’t be EXACTLY the same as in the photographs. No two frames of these blended colours are exactly the same. Some are a little more on the grey side, others have a very subtle swirl of blue or red in them. Yours will be whatever the lucky dip gets you.

NB: These transition colours are only available in our frame front, not in arms.

Frame Size
Arm Size

Our frames

No Women’s, Men’s or Kid’s, simply modular parts in four sizes, a riot of colours to choose from.


Made by us in Australia from Grilamid TR-90, a Swiss, ultra durable, lightweight and recyclable nylon.


  • Cleaning cloth
  • Recyclable cardboard case
  • Spare pins


Lifetime warranty on frames and arms. 
1-year warranty on scratch-resistant coatings.

About sunglass lenses


These are coated to filter out sunlight. Both our brown and grey lenses offer 100% UV light protection.


Polarised lenses reduce horizontal glare, such as from the sea and snow. We recommend for boaties and people who are particularly sensitive to glare. They also block out 100% of UV light.


These are normal glasses inside the house, but the lenses darken into sunglasses when exposed to sunlight. UV light activates the change and they offer 100% UV light protection when clear and dark. Some car windscreens have a UV protection in them and so the glasses don't turn dark when you want them to. For this reason, it can be better to stick with polarised lenses if your car windscreen does have UV protection.

Choose your lenses after you enter your prescription.

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